A nature stop behind the sun

A nature stop behind the sun


30 May 2015

I feel privileged to organise and led the Rapha Cycling Club Melbourne Chapter Saturday bike ride to Humevale and loop around Yan Yean Reservoir last weekend. It was a spectacular day with challenge of the hill climb and scenic route to the reservoir.

Once into the climb, the lungs opened up and the power meters surged to its FTP value. Heart rate was close to maximum and people showed their signs of suffering (I certainly did!). We were lucky to meet some friends like Tim McGrath and Goran Nikolic who had their specific training goals and showed us how to tackle the climb. Most of us did a personal best on the climb, particular the front four cracked well under the 18 min mark, which its in the top 10 percentile on Strava record.

Humevale road is a quiet road with gentle gradient and switchbacks, ideal for training as it is next to no motor traffic (as there is a shorter multilane highway bypass).

The route can be found here.