RCCMEL Jamsville ride

Healsville's toast and jam

Healsville's toast and jam

That is what we ride for. Giant Step Healsville's famous jam and toast

13th June 2015

In this edition of Saturday Rapha Cycling Club (Melbourne Chapter) ride, we completed what we set out to achieve back in April ANZAC holiday. Today there was no rain but it was freezing cold!

We gathered at the break of dawn in Doncaster to ride and get the best jam and toast, some 70km to the east of Melbourne. Healsville is a country town, but there is joining country back roads that leads all the way. We named the ride Jamsville for the jam and toast at our destination - Innocent bystander (Giant Step cafe).

We went through vineyards, paddocks, cattle fields and grass hills, strolling on nicely paved tarmac. It was cold though, started the day at 3 degree, watching the Garmin saying -2.1 at Yarra Glen and Coldstream! We could not feel any of our fingers and toes but we kept riding, as the route has major rolling hills and in fact, there is only a handful of kilometers that the road is flat. We were up and down all day long and interval training mode was on.

Despite the freezing weather, the rewards were magic scenery, incredible sky, quiet roads, challenging terrain and great food and coffee at half way point.

Then we just returned the same way to enjoy the views one more time.

The route can be seen here

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